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Branded: Summary

The book is about Dale who’s got a new name, Glen Parish. His brother has committed several murders on young girls and their family now protects their identity. The family has moved to a new town to make sure they’re not recognized. A new fresh start where they get a chance to leave their past behind them. But Dale still thinks a lot about his brother. In his new school he’s being bullied, although he managed to make one friend, Will Tomlinson. They went to see burial mounds, even though he’s not really interested of them. In school he got into a fight with his bullies. He got a little hurt, but he still walked out as a winner of the fight. Unfortunately he gets in a little trouble because of that. The fight still gave him self confidence so he tried to pick the girl that he likes, but it went very bad. He’s also worried that he’s got the same, crazy mind as his brother based on the way he thinks of her. At the same time Dale’s family is living their new life with their new identities, a journalist named Minnie Cooper is trying to reveal them.

Eye witness news

I am standing here in Washington. I have the Washington monument in my back and Americas heroes are in front of me. The warriors from Vietnam War are home. Well, unfortunately not all of them. In front of me are the representers of the American soldiers, and they are holding speeches. Although there is a lot of seriousness, there is also a lot of happiness. We hear speeches about seeing their best friends die, and we hear stories seeing their families faces when they come home. It’s all about emotions. But the real question is how it felt to be in Vietnam.

Summary Forrest gump

The movie is about Forrest Gump, a nice boy with a low IQ. He grew up in Alabama with his mother and his one friend, Jenny. They met on the school bus at the first day at school. They separate when they’re going to college, but she means the world to him and once in Forrest’s five years of college, they meet. Forrest discovers he has a lot of talent when though he has a low IQ. He’s an amazing football player because of his fast running, and he could be a great soldier. Therefore he is sent to Vietnam and says goodbye to Jenny.

Rättad text tyska

Hallo! Ich heiße Wilma und ich bin 15 Jahre alt. Ich komme aus Schweden, aber ich habe in Deutschland zwei Monaten gewohnt. Mein Lieblingssport ist Fußball und ich spiele es ziemlich oft. In meiner Freizeit mag ich zu campen. Meine Familie und ich habe einen Campingplats im Juni besucht. Es macht sehr spaß.

Meine Familie und ich wohnen hier in München. Ich gehe in einer Sprachschule, aber ich kann nicht Deutsch so gut sprechen. Ich will mit einem Fußballteam spielen, aber ich glaube dass der Kommunikation nicht so gut werden wird. Schwedisch und Englisch können ich sprechen. Ich bin frei jeden Montag und ich bin hier für vier Monaten, aber ich kann für einen Monat treffen. Vielleicht können wir in einem Café treffen? Ich liebe Cafés. Hoffen wir uns im Café treffen?

Wilma Eriksson

För att undvika reklam

Slippa reklam 

Det bästa sättet att inte påverkas reklam är att undvika det så mycket som möjligt. Men man kan ju inte undvika det helt, då kan man tänka på detta:

  • Var alltid kritisk när du ser reklam. De visar bara det positiva med produkten eller tjänsten, och fundera på vad som kan vara negativt med det. 
  • Nätrecensioner ger ofta en felaktig bild av hur folk bedömer en vara eller tjänst eftersom de bara visar de positiva recensionerna. 

För att undvika reklam, tänk på detta:

  • När man är med i en undersökning på internet eller skriver under något,  se till att se vad det står i överenskommelsen för ibland står det saker som att man godkänner att bli uppringd av företaget.
  • För att slippa ha reklam i brevlådan, ha lapp en lapp där det står t.ex. ”nej till reklam”
  • På internet kan du undvika en hel del reklam genom att ha Adblock. Det blockerar reklam så att den inte syns.